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Safe summer products 

Beach babes…. Bring on the warm weather! Below is list of safe summer products and trendy summer must haves!  All the products are hand made, certified organic, and chemical and toxin free for yourself, babies, and the earth!  “The Sunscreen.” ☀️It is NON-NANO SPF 30+ and is effective yet toxic-free at 22.5% zinc oxide. Free… Continue reading Safe summer products 

Organic products & Living

Organic bath and body products for TWEENS

Lets face it the “tween” age (8-14 yrs old) is the hardest age to buy for…especially girls! They are in a middle ground…in between a little kid, and a teenager. This is also the age range when “Tweens” start to care about their appearance, how they smells, whats “cool” or fashionable, and puberty is starting. Finding… Continue reading Organic bath and body products for TWEENS

Fitness & Workouts

Upper body and low impact lower body workout 

Upper and low impact lower body toning To make this workout more challenging add light ankle weights to the leg work  4x 12 *=each side  Abs to warm up (5 minutes)  Hammer curls  Standing leg curls * each way too Alternating Bicep curl  Standing passé and open * Curl and press  Standing hydrant circles *… Continue reading Upper body and low impact lower body workout