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Organic care gifts for mom and baby 

Baby Poof line is one of the cleanest baby lines available…the line includes products for mom too.  I have given several friends of mine Baby Poof baskets for baby showers and post partum and they have all become Poofy lovers since then!  

Our baby line: Below I have put together ideas for gifts

Gentle Castile Wash – perfect for newborns

Baby Body Wash & Shampoo

OOO Baby bar soap

Sleepy Sleep Bubble Bath

Delightfully Unscented Baby Lotion

Mommy and me oil

Sleepy Sleep body butter (only available in store OR I can buy and mail to you)

Chappy Cheeks Lotion Stick – USDA Certified Organic, excellent for drool/teething rash, dry winter skin, windburn etc.

Boo Boo Stick- USDA Certified Organic

Cradle Cap Cream

Rub-A-Dub-Dub Vapor Rub (for use on children 5 and younger)

Happy Tush Cream/stick

Happy Tush Wash

 Baby bath set gift idea: 1

1.) Sleepy Sleep Bubble Bath

2.) Baby Body Wash & Shampoo

3.)Unscented Lotion

 Baby bath set 2:

1.) Sleepy Sleep Bubble bath

2.) Ooo baby bar soap

3.) Mommy and me oil

 Baby Care set:

1.) Chappy Cheeks

2.) Rub-A-Dub-Dub vapor rub

3.) Boo Boo Stick

4.) Cradle Cap Cream

 Baby Happy Tush set:

1.) Tush wash

2.) Happy Tush Cream

3.) Flower Power Powder

On the Go baby set:

1.) Happy Tush Stick

2.) Clean Clappers Hand Purifier

3.) Boo Boo Stick

4.) Chappy Cheeks

 Next up are some products that fall under our Baby Poof category but are for our mommies and mommies to be. All of the products are USDA Certified Organic:

These include:

Happy Boobies – this is the BEST and safest nipple cream ever! It is also USDA Certified Organic

Mommy & Me Oil

Stretch Mark & Scar Bar

Happy Privates Spray

PostPartum Care kit: 
1.) Happy Boobies

2.) Happy Privates (if you delivered vaginally)

3.) Mommy and me oil

4.) Stretch Mark and Scar Bar

 PostPartum c-section care package:

1.) Happy Boobies

2.) Mommy and me oil

3.) Stretch Mark and Scar bar

4.) WE DON’T magnesium oil but it would make a great addition to any post partum gift! 

 These gifts can be given for the holidays, baby shower, and a postpartum visit. 



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