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Organic grooming products for men

Men need products too! The sad thing is that products on the market for men are typically over fragranced, highly toxic, and the selection is minimal. Men enjoy taking care of themselves as much as women do. So, why not give them a compeletly clean, trendy, and rugged set of products this holiday season. A clean shave, smooth skin, and a manly scent are only a few click away! 

Poofy has a mens line called Ruggedly Natural and includes:

Hand made soap

Body wash

Beard oil (can be used as a shaving oil and after shave oil as well)

Shaving gel


Deodorant (only is wood and citrus scent)

Body lotion/after shave


Wood and Citrus

Lemongrass and Vanilla

Coconut and Honey

Unscented (shave gel and beard oil)

 **Pick a scent and…..

*A soap or body wash, lotion, cologne, and deodorant make a complete shower set! And one great gift!*

Other Poofy deodorant scents: Peppymint, Lemongrass, and our Happy Pits spray
Shampoo bars in Orange Lavender and Herbal Mint make great shampoo/beard shampoo, and can be used to wash the entire body!!

Greener-than petroleum or Shea Butter: can be used on dry, chapped hands and lips from working outside. As a skin protectant, and on tattoos. My dad personally uses this on his hands and fingertips because he works outside and they are constantly cracked.

Rub-ology: Perfect for the active man in your life! Use on sore muscles and body aches. Can also provide headaches and migraines relief.

 Everything Salve: Can be used on everything! Bites, rashes, cuts, scrapes, burns, etc. Makes a great addition to a tackle box, gym bag, RV, boat, desk, etc.

 Massage oils: Energize me, Rejuvenate me, Release me oils are perfect for a couples massage!

Shower Steamers, lip balm, and Breath Spray are great stocking stuffers and very useful! 

Zippy zit zapper line: My brother was a college wrestler and swears by this line for face and body breakouts.

Charcoal soap: Use on face and body. It draws out impurities and clears pores.

 Styling Gel and Argan Sculpting Wax help keep any man’s hair looking neat and hansome.

Pest Protection Spray non toxic bug repellent, non toxic sunscreen/ sunscreen stick, and no triclosan, alcohol, or chemical Clean Clappers Hand Purifier: make an excellent gift for outdoorsy men, camping, hunting, beach bums, fishermen, boaters, and men that work outside.

As always our products are certified organic, hand made, and made with love! Shop: 



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