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Organic holiday gifts for women

There is NOTHING I love more then getting a thoughtful and useful gift. A manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, hair cut/color/dry all make my heart sing. What makes my heart sing EVEN MORE are: green, organic, hand made, chemical and cruelty free gifts!!! Below I have listed some holiday gift ideas so mom can make any day a spa day. HOLIDAY gift set 2017 pictures and prices in an earlier post!  

Gifts for mom: Whether you are a mom or a fur baby mom…we work hard! We deserve to treat ourselves. Below are gift ideas for yourself, your mom, or a fellow mom, or a mom to be. 


FACE/ SKIN: Certified organic, made with usda organic essential oils and/or Argan oil

Flawless Face line

Argan oil line especially *Argan Essentials anti-aging and vivd eye serum*

Dead Sea Mask: Purifies, detoxes, anti-aging


Argan hair serum the best hair treatment for silky soft hair

Mighty Mane hair line helps regrow hair due to loss from hormones, and other issues


 Bath bombs: Made with organic Shea butter and essential oils to moisturize and nourish skin. *Take me away, immune booster, peppymint, jersey sunshine, spirited, Garden of dreams, yin and yang, sweet and spicy, sleepy sleep and breathe easy*

 Shower steamers: Make a plain shower feel like a spa! Make with baking soda and essential oils that fizz and release therapeutic essential oils throughout the shower

 MASSAGE OIL/BUBBLE BATH/BATH SALTS: Release me, Rejuvenate me, Energize me (massage oil, salts)

*Bubble bath/massage oil- Chocolate Covered Raspberry (this is a winning combo for any momma..paired with a glass of wine!)

I am Goddess line: Our women’s line: Dedicated to your inner, strong, beautiful, grounded goddess. Includes: Body wash, scrub, soap, massage and body oil, and body sprays (a great alternative to toxic perfume). I am Brigid who are you?? 

 *An entire “name” set makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Includes: Body wash or handmade soap, scrub, lotion, oil, and spray

BODY BUTTER: Get it while you can, we only ship during the cold months!! Whipped, smooth, and heavenly!

POOFY GLAM: Our FULL non-toxic, chemical free make-up line. Includes: bb cream, foundation, concealers, eye shadow, brow powder, line, mascara, blush, lip liner, stick, and lip gloss!
 POOFY POLISH/ MANICURE/ PEDICURE: Pick a polish (we have over 100), remover, and cuticle stick!

HAPPY, HEALTHY HOME: Coconut oil candle melts add a festive and warm feel to any home…these need a wax warmer. Candle melts + wax warmer (from amazon) = relaxing gift!

 Vesta all purpose spray…makes cleaning fun!

*For the laundry loving momma! Buy wool dryer balls and add Poofy dryer ball oils to a basket for a grea gift

 *Essential oils for the oily moms! Can be applied topically, inhaled, or used on diffusing jewelry (need a jewelry recommendation? email me). An essential oil and a diffusing necklace is a terrific gift

REMEDIES: these help keep momma and kids healthy 

Stretch mark and scar bar

Boo-boo stick


Ciao Eczema lotion

Everything salve (good for EVERYTHING: cuts, scrapes, burns, rashes, bites etc)

Rub-ology (for the fitness mama!)


Shop my link: email me your order number and save 15%….must be a new customer!


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