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Perfect gifts for tweens/teens

In my opinion the “tween” age (10-12 yrs old) is the hardest age to buy gifts for…especially girls! They are in a middle ground…not a little kids anymore, but not teenagers either. My tween niece really enjoys getting her nails done, and is starting to experiment with lip gloss, body spray, glitter, etc. As a birthday present I made her a toxic free Poofy Organics basket. Below I have put together some tween appropriate products.

Poofy has a kid/tween line called “Young Wild Free”, completely chemical and toxin free, and certified organic. It contains body spray, body wash, body lotion, kids size deodorant (small for little armpits), lip balm, leave in conditioner (select scent), hand soap (select scent), and shampoo (select scent).

Scents: YWF

1.) Aloha Smoothie (body spray, body wash, deodorant, lip balm, lotion)

2.) Candy Crush (body spray, body wash, body lotion, deodorant, lip balm, lotion)

3.) Raspberry Lemonade Punch (body spray, body wash, foaming hand soap, leave in conditioner, lip balm, lotion, shampoo

* Other YWF lip balms Choco-orange milkshake and Peace Love Vanilla

Other great Poofy Products for kids/tweens that make perfect stocking stuffers, birthday, or anytime presents.

1.) Stocking stuffers….ALL Poofy lip balms AND NON triclosan Clean Clappers Hand Purifier are a must for back packs, gym bags, and lockers!

2.) NON TOXIC NAIL POLISH!!! We have over 100 colors from plain to pink to sparkly. A very cute gift idea is a manicure set: nail polish, non toxic nail polish remover, and cuticle stick or lotion stick

3.) Bath bombs or Shower Steamers! Hand made and luxurious. Perfect for your little tween queen. Stick to scents like: Sleepy sleep, Garden of Dreams, Take me Away, and Yin & Yang

4.) Bar soaps, we have so many bar soaps but some fun kid scents are Creamsicle and Cotton Candy AND they last forever

5.) SELECT lip gloss colors. Stick to the clear or light pinks.

*Poofy has a complete organic, chemical and toxic free makeup line too! Perfect for the teen beginning to try out sheer eye shadow, blush, mascara, bb cream etc!

6.) Shimmer Oil…gives skin a little sparkle, and a summer scent!

7.) Sleepy Sleep Bubble bath makes bath time dreamy!

8.) Zippy zit zapper line or one of our other facial bars is a good way to start teaching tweens and teens about taking care of their skin, especially hormonal skin!

9.) Tween/teen boys and girls are trendy too! Poofy has a full line of hair products to help tame those manes!

At Poofy we try and keep all products under $25 so it’s easy and affordable to give anyone a beautiful gift!

10% off during the holiday season for new customers and my customers…just email me order number and code holiday2016


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