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8 reasons EVERYONE should take mind body classes 

Why is it important for EVERYONE to participate in a barre, Pilates, or yoga class? A class like my barre fusion that mixes floor calisthenics, principles of strength training, barre, yoga, and Pilates is an important component to keep you body strong, injury free, and limber. 

Most people are so accustomed to their “routine” of heavy lifting, running, jumping, etc that they may not notice muscle imbalance/weakness that can lead to an injury until AFTER they are already hurt. 
Slowing down, and focusing on “what you don’t usually do” can be the best prehab. 
Why try it?
1.) Tiny concentrated movements CAN make you stronger. Put down the heavy weights, stop doing compound exercises like squats, bench press, etc and take time to focus on slow, isometric movements that completely fatigue muscle groups. In my class we do ALL the work on one side before switching so the muscles are thoroughly worked and exhausted. The burn is real! In turn lifting sessions, the amount your able to lift, muscular endurance, and ease of movements can improve with constitency in mind body type classes

2.) By targeting the “smaller” muscles that are often neglected you can alleviate muscle balance, prevent injury, and rehab injured areas i.e.)shoulders, back, hamstrings
3.) Increase flexibility, bone density, ROM, balance, and it’s easy on joints 
4.) Break through a plateau…doing the same type of exercise and working the same muscles all the time no matter how hard it is may lead to a plateau. Incorporating OTHER complimentary workouts will keep your mind and body fresh. 
5.) Create a mind body connection which is SO important to mental, emotional, and physical health. And prevents over training syndrome 
6.) Strengthens the core and posterior chain which is ESSENTIAL to a strong body. Taking time to strengthen and stretch your core, back, and glutes prevents multiple “everyday” aches, pains, and injuries in the low back, hips, and knees. 
7.) Creates beautiful muscle tone AND focusing on holding yourself tall “look pretty” as I always say improves posture and stature. 
8.) Can be done for a lifetime. Mind body exercise is a lifestyle and a journey! And with the right programming can be done every single day! 
Come try a class…you just might like it! It’s challenging in a different type of way then most forms of exercise. Wall Athletics schedule: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 9:30 am. Tuesday and Thursday 6pm


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