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Calling all Goddesses….

“A Goddess is a women who is in the process of learning to know, accept, and love herself of ALL levels mind, body, and spirit”- this is what we should all strive to do. Every women is a goddess we just need to allow ourselves to be and be free. -let that sink in for a minute…breathe, smile, and just “be”. 

In my mind a goddess is a sensual, beautiful, charming, inspired, free flowing spirit, grounded and strong in her own skin. 

To feel like a true goddess we must surround ourselves with things that make us feel…colors, textures, nature, music, art, food, people, etc. Emotionally connecting with something or some experience creates feelings, and these have the power to create the energy around us. “Our vibe”. Surround yourself with beauty, abundance, strength, love etc and so it will be. Do you want to embody a Goddess? Then live like a Goddess….it’s that simple. 

Poofy Organics Goddess line is one of my favorite lines because it honors women and the goddess within all of us. It allows us to take a normal shower experience and use it to reinvent, transform, and breathe new life into our inner and perfect selves. Go on the Poofy Organics site and pick which goddess resonates with you.

 Poofy Organics “I am Goddess” offers I am Goddess body wash, soap, scrub, lotion, spray, and massage/body oils. This line makes a gorgeous gift! 

As always our products are USDA certified organic, hand made, labeled, and poured by moms like me! 

Our Goddesses (posted below) I am BRIGID..which are you? Comment and recieve 10% off any Goddess item…reimbursed by me via pay pal, check, or venmo 



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