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10 tips to surviving cold and flu season…naturally 

Cold and Flu season is upon us! PREVENTING illness is ideal…however, sometimes getting sick is inevitable. When this happens healing faster…shortening a cold or flu, and making yourself comfortable becomes very important. Thank goodness there are natural remedies to do both!

 **Taking precautions everyday to prevent illness should include: healthy eating, daily exercise, adequate sleep, probiotics, vitamin D and C, bone broth, and hand washing. I have to admit I am not the best at doing all of these everyday. So, this is my go to to prevent and cure illness: Bragg Apple Cider vinegar, organic local honey, organic lemon, and organic elderberry syrup. I take a shot of this everyday and double when something is going around my house. 

Poofy Organics has several ways to prevent sickness and help the body heal. I have also listed products to keep you comfortable if you or someone you love gets sick. 

 1.) Hand washing is always #1…Poofy Organics offers a nontoxic, chemical, fragrance, dye and triclosan free (this was just banned by the FDA) hand soap. It comes in a handy re-fill that lasts a long time and is very cost efficient. Rosemary Lemon and Spirited Mint scents…made with USDA organic EO and organic saponified coconut, jojoba, and olive oils, and organic aloe vera.

 2.) Clean Clappers Hand Purifier is USDA certified organic, pediatrician recommended, safe and effective. A TERRIFIC alternative when hand washing isn’t available. 

 3.) The Anti-stick is a lifesaver! USDA certified organic, antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti infectious. AND stimulates the immune system. It helps prevent illness and has the ability to heal the body faster. Can be applied down the spine, on feet to boost immune system, on hands as a hand purifier, and directly on skin aliments.

 4.) When babies and kids get sick its hard to make them comfortable, especially at night. Poofy Organics has a baby and kids Vapor Rub-a Dub-Dub, it replaces toxic vapor rub! Soothes and calms congestion and opens up airways (we also have an age 5 and up version for adults) . It is made with USDA certified organic essential oils.

 5.) Immune Booster shower steamer, bath bomb, AND USDA certified organic essential oil blend. These assist the body in healing FASTER from illness, and can prevent sickness. 

 6.) Breath Easy shower steamers, bath bombs, and essential oil blend. These aid in nasal and airway opening due to congestion, and allergies. If you pair this product with the NeilMed saline sinus rinse you should feel relief almost instantly! I love this combo when my sinuses are clogged and painful! 

 *Shower steamers should be placed in indirect water stream, the steam and moisture creates an effervescence and the essential oils are released into the air. Bathbombs can be dropped directly into running bath water. And essential oils blends can be inhaled, applied to skin, or on a diffusing piece of jewlery…they are pre-diluted with carrier oil so they should NOT be used in a diffuser. Always practice safety with EO!

 7.) During cold and flu season my lips and nose always get chapped! Poofy offers TONS of USDA certified organic lip balms and lotion sticks that are handmade, chemical and toxin free! Perfect for excessive nose blowing. 

8.) Constant hand washing makes hands crack and dry out. Keeping Poofy Organics lotion by the sink is another great tip. Our hand crafted, organic hand and body lotion including:Ciao Eczema, Unscented, Orange Sweetness, Coconut Cream, Lovely Lavender, and I am Goddess line treat and prevent dry skin with essential oils, organic unrefined Shea butter and other oils. 

9.) Rub-ology is helpful for body aches and head aches during cold season. Massaging it into the back of a sore neck, temples, and base of the skull soothes the body and opens up sinuses. 

10.) A cool mist  humidifier is a must have in every house.

Remember our products are all hand made, locally made, certified organic, and made with love and pride. To shop:


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