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Choosing the “right” essential oil for you 

Essential oils are all the rage right now…no matter what your issue is from sleeplessness to congestion to warts people will recommend an “oil for that” AND I guarantee someone will try and sell you an expensive “therapeutic grade” oil. If you not an expert it can be quite confusing! 

What is an essential oil? 

An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants, bark, seeds, stems, roots etc. They are highly potent and as a general rule less is more! 

What type should I buy?

There are many popular companies and new ones keep popping up. The prices vary , distillation, farming methods, etc. It can be dizzying to decide which brand, and oil type to purchase. 

When buying “neat” oil- this means without a carrier oil. What is a carrier oil?? A carrier oil is a light scented oil like coconut, jojoba, or grape seed that are used to dilute an EO so it can safely be applied to the skin. I recommend Plant Therapy. Because there oils are very high quality, they hold the USDA organic seal on some oils, the prices are good, they have most oils, and they are a small business that focuses on giving back. 

Safety: Essential oil safety is VERY important. Essential oils are tremendously beneficial BUT they can also be very dangerous. For me a pre- diluted oil is perfect because I do not have to worry about diluting it the right way, and it makes using EO safer. Always practice caution with children and EO. I also advice against ingesting oil for safety issues. 

Poofy Organics offers 33 pre-diluted essential oil blends. What does this mean?? Our oils are not “neat”, and cannot be used in a diffuser because they could ruin it. However, they contain all of the therapeutic properties and can be applied topically, inhaled,  in candle melts, on diffusing bracelets/necklaces, or in hand made products like body scrubs and lotions. 

ALL Poofy Organics essential oils are USDA certified organic. This means that they have been tested up to the highest standards. They are “first” distillation, and dilution rate 1.5%. ALL our oils come with its own Certificate of Analysis or GC/MS. 

 Poofy has ALL the “popular” oils (lavender, lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus, etc) and some fantastic oil blends. My favorite blends are Peace Muse for stress and anxiety, and Breathe Easy for congestion. 

Even though Poofy’s essential oils are diluted sometimes a carrier oil is necessary to make massaging larger areas of the body easier. I like to use organic coconut oil, but Poofy offers an organic jojoba oil as well.

In my opinion the USDA certified organic seal on ANY personal care products should be the gold standard. Anyone who tells you their product is “better than organic” (I have heard this a hundred times) but doesn’t have the certification is probably not being so honest. 

Time to choose:

Choose your essential oils based on what YOU want to do with them. If you have a strong desire to diffuse EO in your house then high quality “neat” oils are the best choice. If you want to make your own products, apply topically, or work as a massage therapist then you may want to lean towards pre diluted. Again, the choice is yours just make sure you do your own research and look for the USDA organic seal to guarantee the best EO for yourself, family, and pets. 

My one oil suggestion:

If I had to recommend one oil it would be…..lavender! The Swiss Army knife of EO. I love it because you can use it for so many things including: anxiety, sleeplessness, cuts, burns, scrapes, rashes, restless legs, pms, head aches, muscle aches, nausea, calms pets, deodorizes, insect repellent for people and pets, fatigue, fevers, bites, blisters and so much more! Lavender is know for its calming effects and pleasant smell so it is also the perfect ingredient for home made bath and body products. Lavender is safe for children too. It’s the one oil I always have with me, it’s like the “universal” oil, you can’t go wrong with lavender. 

 **The in depth breakdown: Dosage, dilution, and distillation information below (from Poofy website)** below 

 “The dosage/dilution to be applied often depends on the situation and the age/health of the client. Most aromatherapy oil based blends should be between 1 and 5 percent dilutions, which most of the time will not represent a safety concern. As dilution increases, potential skin reactions can occur depending on the essential oil, the area where applied and other factors related to the sensitivity levels of the individual. “The higher the percentage of essential oil on your skin, the the higher the chance of a reaction and risk” Robert Tisserand

 Elderly, Infants, toddlers and young children are more sensitive to the potency of essential oils and safe dilutions include .25% – 2.5% depending on the condition. Also, some essential oils should be avoided in this group. Dilution depends on what you are trying to accomplish. These guidelines are adapted from the recommendations of Aromahead Institute. These rates are suggested and should only be used as general guidelines.25% – .5%: Most appropriate for ages 6 months – 6 years. 1 drop per 2 tsp. of carrier oil. 1% : Ages 6+, problems emotional in nature, pregnant women, elderly adults, those with sensitive skin, compromised immune systems or other serious health concerns. Good dilution for massage oils and for using directly on the face. 1 drop per 1 tsp. of carrier oil.2% : Adults. For daily use and masssage oils. 2 drops per 1 tsp. of carrier oil.3%-10% : Adults. Depending on the individual, age, situation or the oils being used. Good for specific injuries. 3% = 3 drops per 1 tsp. of carrier oil. 10% = 10 drops per 1 tsp. of carrier oil. 25% : Adults. For short-term management of a severe or acute condition such as a severe bruise, migraines, or respiratory issues. Use on small areas. 25 drops per 1 tsp. of carrier oil.”NEAT” (undiluted & no carrier oil) : Adults. Most essential oils cannot be used neat. Use on small areas & always use caution!

 ALL our Certified Organic Essential OIls are “first” distillations. People ask what is best. The choice is YOURs. “first” “second” and “complete” distillations When it comes to essential oils, the “first” “second” or “complete” does not describe how MANY distillations an oil goes through, but rather HOW LONG is the distillation process. There is no such thing as re-distiling when it comes to EOs. Using a “first” distillation means that the oil was distilled for the most potent part of the oil and is extracted during the first 1-4 hours. After that, the components in the oil change based on what is being extracted from the plant. In the the final stage of distillation “complete” at the longest point, anywhere from 9-22 hours the oil will actually smell more fragrant (less harsh), plus the distillery will get far more out of that plant than if they only used the first 1-4 hours. We want thing to “smell nice” so most companies will use the “complete”. It smells better and it lasts, and is less expensive because you are getting more of it during the process. Problem is that even though it may smell better, like I said before the most POTENT part of that distillation occurs in the 1-4 hour period, so it’s great if you are looking for a nice smell such as in soaps, etc, but NOT good if you are looking for the “medicinal” action of the essential oil. As you can probably deduce, using the “first” distillation of an essential oil is more expensive, however, you need LESS in your formula than you would a “complete”. So, in some ways, when WORKING with essential oils such as we do, it sort of evens out. You use the “first” distillation and less of it OR, you use the “complete” and end up putting in more. It really depends on what a company is going for. THIS is where it really counts if you are purchasing 100% undiluted essential oils. If a company is selling 100% undiluted essential oils on their own and they are using “complete” distillation, they can sell them cheaper and get more out of their plants. THIS is why some 100% undiluted essential oils WILL smell sweeter/better than others. THIS is how companies can get away with CHEAP essential oils. Of course, not to mention the pesticides,etc involved, but this is not about that. If a company is selling 100% pure undiluted essential oil OR making products that are supposed to have “medicinal” qualities, then they should technically be using the “first” distillation. “FIRST” distillation is what POOFY ORGANICS uses and sells to its customers. If a company is simply “scenting” their products for smell, their best bet would probably be to use the “complete” because it is cheaper, still considered pure & undiluted and their products will smell a bit better. So, the choice is yours! Which do YOU prefer?”

Happy oiling! To buy and save 15%: shop: email me your order number, reimbursement via pay pal, venmo, or check 


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