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NO jiggle all the way workout! 

This holiday season make time for yourself! Getting to the gym in between kids being off, working, family visits etc. can be impossible. Below are tips on staying on track and a challenging jiggle free workout. 

1.) Create a space in your home that you can do 30-60 minute workouts in at least a few times per week. Get whatever equipment you need organized i.e.) hand weights, ankle weights, balls, bands, DVDs etc. 

2.) Set aside time to workout…actually schedule it in! This makes committing  to it so much easier and YOU will feel good knowing you are taking charge of your health. Wake up 30 minutes earlier…this is a fantastic way to start your day and I always think that once my workout is done the rest of the day will go smoother. When you have kids you never know what the day will bring so getting the hardest thing in the day done first and starting on a positive note sets the rest of the day up for success. If that’s not possible find a time that works for you where there will be little to no chance of distraction. 

3.) Find a gym you and your kids LOVE, this makes exercising enjoyable for you and them. Also,  I will be posting more and more workout from now until the new year and on. They all can be done at home with or without equipment. I will be posting all of them. The one below is great for toning and tightening the entire body, focus on the reps and squeeze on each one to optimize the exercise benefit. 

NO Jiggle all the way Workout! Can be done 2-3x per week! 

For a live barre fusion or cross training class email me days and time!

Happy Holiday 


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