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Hosting a Poofy Organics Party 

The holidays are over and most of us need to stock up on essentials again; shampoo, conditioner, body wash, tooth paste, etc.  There are also lots of exciting Poofy products that you may not have tried like our NEW HD mascara. Hosting a Poofy party is SO easy and can either be in home or on Facebook. A good party can earn a host TONS of free/ discounted Poofy Organics goodies….some items aren’t even available on the site! 

✨How does a Facebook party work? ✨

 1.) I take care of all the back office “stuff”

2.) I create a FB event (can run up to a week) 

3.) YOU invite friends

*A good host is interactive during the party, comments, tags friends, talks the products up! In my experience these parties are the MOST successful

4.) YOU get rewarded… HOW? As long as the party reaches $200 in sales, the host gets three things:

1.) FREE products 2.) Discounted product (s) 3.) Host exclusive…this is an item that is NOT available on the Poofy site (host pays for this)

*The host can choose just the free products or all 3*

 **I also offer my OWN hostess gift as a “thank you” to ALL hosts (must be a qualifying party)

✨In home✨

1.) You invite friends and family

2.) I bring products and samples

3.) We can choose a theme like: spa night, mani pedi, etc. 

4.) People have the option ( no pressure) to buy “on hand items” or from the party site on the computer 

5.) Everyone gets a free gift from me

6.) Rewards work the same as FB party

 To book a party email me at:

 People ALWAYS ask for Poofy samples. The ONLY sample Poofy offers is on foundations. However, offer my own sample boxes. If you shop Poofy you know that we DON’T offer samples. WHY? Because the profit margin is slim…we have real people making the products, getting paid by the hour, and samples take time to they decided it wasn’t cost efficient. However, you can purchase a sample box from me for $12 (payment via pay pal or venmo)…price includes shipping throughout the USA.

 ✨I have 2 options: Each box features 5-6 products✨

 Starter box: this box is always available and contains some of our best sellers

1.) Handmade Organic soap (select scents)

2.) Everything Salve

3.) Baby/kids vapor rub

4.) Rub-ology

5.) Ciao Eczema Lotion

6.) BB cream

 Monthly box (products change every month: January sample box:

1.) Assorted soaps

2.) Everything Salve

3.) Body sugar scrub

4.) Deodorant sample 

5.) Lip scrub and Polish

6.) Select lipstick

 *Remember all our products are certified organic, handmade, chemical, cruelty, toxin free. Vegan and gluten free…and most importantly made with LOVE!!

 Email me to book a party




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