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Poofy products with multiple uses! 

Poofy products are so versatile and MOST of them have multiple uses! 

✔ Flower Power Powder: baby/ body powder, dry shampoo, light deo, easily removes sand off the body at the beach

✔ I am Goddess Air Freshener Spray and dryer ball oil can be used as Poopuri for the bathroom toilet! Poopuri and similar products have been very trendy this year. It’s always fun to find out that you already HAVE a product that can do the job so you don’t have to waste money! 

✔Argan oil: hair, skin, nails! Besides being an awesome all over anti aging moisturizer Argan oil can serve as a: Deep conditioning hair treatment, adds shine after blow drying hair and seals split ends, fades dark circles and stretch marks, cuticle oil, treats and heals scars, prevents fine lines and wrinkles, eases razor bumps and burn, add some to mascara to thin it out, or a drop on dark eye shadow to make creamy liner, and a great addition to facial toner and body scrubs! 

✔Happy boobies is the BEST nursing cream but, can also be used on ALL rashes and skin irritations for mom and baby. 

✔Stretch Mark and scar bar faded my c-section scar incredibly but, after I was done using it I didn’t want to waste it so I came up with a few other uses for it: works like a charm on all chapped and sensitive skin especially after waxing and shaving and exercise induced chaffing on inner thighs and under arms

✔When candle melts run out of scent they can be used to polish wood tables, desks, etc!

✔ Everything Salve works on EVERYTHING: burns, bites, scrapes, stings, ringworm, dry skin, poison ivy, chapped lips, and so much more! 

✔ Tush Cream is not only a GREAT diaper rash cream but, like Happy Boobies it works on most rashes; including drool rash (my daughter always has this!), eczema, and skin irritations 

✔ Lotion sticks are a great on the go moisturizer. They are also perfect for chapped lips, and dry heels. 

✔ Anti stick makes a great on the go hand purifier if you don’t have any clean clappers on hand 

✔ Shampoo bars can be used as a soap on the entire body, beard shampoo, and for shaving! 

✔ I am Goddess massage oil makes the most luxurious body oil and add a sexy shine to legs and arms 

✔ Tush wash is made to be used to replace toxic wipes. I found it very useful as a convenient spray for quick wipe downs on messy babies body, hands, neck, and face…mostly used after eating and on the go! 

✔Cradle cap cream is ANOTHER fantastic scream for for dry skin, rashes, irritations and kids dandruff 

✔ Rub-ology is so amazing on sore muscles. But, it is just as effective for painful headaches and migraines. I also rub it on my temples and sinuses when I am congested. *Place it in the fridge for a few minutes and the cold makes it even more soothing! 

✔ Ruggedly Natural beard and shaving oil can be used as: beard oil, after shave, and pre- shaving oil 

✔ Healing Skin Oil made with Neem oil for ALL skin issues and ailments. I feel like this product gets over looked and shouldn’t it’s really effective, and useful on the skin

✔ Vapor rub keeps nasal passages open on air plane!

✔ Jojoba carrier oil, and Shea Butter can all be used for moisturizing and nourishing dry winter skin, chapped face/lips. Placed in the fridge for a few minutes and applied to a sunburn instantly soothes it! 

✔Greener than petroleum Jelly creates a great barrier for skin prevents chaffing during exercise, moisturizers dry skin/lips, highlights cheeks and eye lids, smoothes split ends and baby hairs, can be used as a lubricant 😉, make up remover, can be used on eyelashes and brows to lengthen and tame. Can also be used to heal and protect tattoos. Boxers and wrestlers can also use this as an effective skin protector! 

✔ Break off a peice of a bath bomb or shower steamer and use in the toilet as a toilet bomb…mix with some white vinegar and scrub a dub dub! 

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