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How to grow longer lashes naturally….! 

Who doesn’t want longer, fuller, and darker eye lashes?? I did! Extensions are awesome looking BUT, they are expensive and time consuming. The next best option is a lash growth serum..recently tons of companies have been coming out with products to promote lash and brow growth. The problem?! They are filled with chemicals that can irritate the eyes and sensitive surrounding skin. I purchased R&F lash boost and my lashes did grow, however, my top lash line turned reddish brown. Thankfully I found a safer solution for my skin. 

The solution?! Poofy Organics lash and brow AMP serum. Results in 1-3 weeks!

Poofy AMP serum contains the cleanest, safest, and organic ingredient on the market. They have been hand-picked to STRENGTHEN, AMPLIFY, MAGNIFY, INTENSIFY, REPAIR, LENGTHEN & SUPPLEMENT your brows and lashes!

Key Ingredients: Madonna Lilly plant stem cells contribute to a more, uniform tone, regenerating and increasing cell renewal.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is similar to a vitamin, found in every cell of the body. Your cells use it to produce the energy your body needs for cell growth & maintenance.
Carrier oils: organic Argan, castor, jojoba, coconut, and grapeseeed promote vitality and growth. 

Directions for lashes: Use up to two times per day for the first 6 weeks, then apply nightly thereafter. Apply along the lash line. Be sure lashes are free of all makeup and are dry. Discontinue if irritation occurs.

Directions for brows: Use up to two times per day for the first 6 weeks, then apply nightly thereafter. Especially effective at night after you take off your makeup and a few hours before bed. When placing the brush on the brow, be sure to vigorously brush to get the circulation going and really get the product into the brow- work it into the hair and skin. 

The catch?! This is only available for a LIMITED time! Poofy will be launching several high end products once per month. Once they sell out they are GONE! Only 550 Lash and Brow AMP have been made.

Shop: Jackie Rose Wellness for Poofy Organics


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