Fitness & Workouts

March 1 BOOTY challenge 

As summer draws closer I see SO many people ordering expensive workout plans, diet plans, shakes, etc. The truth is you don’t have to waste your money. 

March 1 until June 1 I will be posting FREE bikini Booty workouts! 

This can be done with or without weights and/or ankle weights. Should take an hour, for a shorter workout do 2 rounds instead of 4! 

* = each leg!

Calf raise (30)


Static lunge

Burpee with weights 

*Single leg burpee 

Wide leg burped squeeze butt at top 

Squat feet together

Sumo squat (stick butt out, squat low)

Plie squat (knees pressed out butt tucked)

*Standing lateral leg raise (for outer thighs)

*Standing leg extension (for quads)

*Standing hamstring curl (for butt)

Glute bridge 

*Single leg glute bridge 

*Donkey kick (with or without weight) 

50 abs of choice

Repeat circuit 4×12

Stretch and enjoy! 


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