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Safe summer products 

Beach babes…. Bring on the warm weather! Below is list of safe summer products and trendy summer must haves! 

All the products are hand made, certified organic, and chemical and toxin free for yourself, babies, and the earth! 

“The Sunscreen.” ☀️It is NON-NANO SPF 30+ and is effective yet toxic-free at 22.5% zinc oxide. Free of chemical fragrances, parabens, and nanoparticles. It is a top seller along with our sunscreen stick.Each active ingredient in this product has been carefully chosen to specifically protect and nourish your skin and spreads easily without a long lasting white haze. The sunscreen stick is perfect for a diaper bag, beach bag, or purse.

Browning Lotion – Perfect blend of enriched botanicals to naturally darken the skin. This is a tan accelerator (not a self tanner) and can be used to attain a deep tan.

Tanning Oil – Each ingredient serves its own special purpose in nourishing, protecting, and moisturizing the skin while promoting a dark, rich tan.
After Sun Spray – Provides instant relief & begins healing damaged skin. Tip: Put it in the fridge to cool down skin after too much sun.

Lip mattes are so hot right now! Pick a bright color like “Never let me go” to make your sun kissed skin pop! 

Beach waves or a slick pony are sexy summer looks…use Poofy hairspray and styling gel! Sun can also damage hair our argan essentials hair treatment serum nourishes dry locks! Our MAX DEO Deodorant is soothing, fresh, naturally antibacterial, and neutralizes odor without harmful chemicals. 30 out of 30 people said this is the BEST natural deodorant they ever tried!

Shimmer oil smells delicious and adds a golden glow to the body, hair, and cheek bones! 

By popular demand we created Pest Protection candle melts. Completely non toxic and safe for outdoor or indoor use (with wax warmer). Made with the same certified organic essential oils as our spray!
One of my favorites and best sellers is Everything Salve a summer lifesaver! For bites, burns, stings, rashes, poison ivy (which I used it on last summer), sunburn, chapped lips, and ALMOST everything else! 

Body scrub, lip balm, boo boo stick, flower power powder, and lip scrub are a few more of MY personal summer favorites! Safe summer products

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